Conveyancing – Residential and Alpine

Selling or making a purchase of a property can be a major life decision. Our conveyancing services offer you peace of mind and provide you with expert legal advice for all commercial and residential conveyancing.

Our commercial property conveyancing team have strong working knowledge in all Victorian commercial property transactions, including local businesses, farms and rural properties.

We can provide you with expert legal advice in relation to purchase or sale of your business, as well as lease agreements, water licences and rural property transactions.

We have a highly experienced conveyancing team to assist you in buying or selling your home or investment property, as well as assisting you in various issues such as subdivisions, permits, covenants, transfers and easements.

Why use a solicitor when buying or selling property?

  • Solicitors are legal professionals and have a broader knowledge of the law and can provide legal advice beyond basic conveyancing issues. They are able to identify and advise on any complicated issues such as pre contract negotiations, special conditions and other legal matters that can arise throughout a conveyancing transaction, such as unauthorised caveats, asset protection and estate planning which you may have not considered.
  • Licensed conveyancers are limited to providing conveyancing work only. They cannot provide legal advice on any issues and must refer to you to a lawyer.
  • Your property may be one of your most valuable assets and a property transaction may make or break your financial security. A solicitor is covered by professional indemnity insurance that covers all areas of their advice and the transaction.  If your conveyancer is providing legal advice which is outside the realms of their insurance, you may not be protected should something go wrong. Whilst a licensed conveyancer may offer a cheaper conveyancing fee, the old saying of “you get what you pay for” still rings true. The price you pay reflects the value you get. A mistake in property transaction can be costly, financially and emotionally.
  • A solicitor is governed by the Legal Services Board and therefore are bound by greater ethical and professional responsibilities.  They need to avoid any conflicts which may occur and ensure that they act in the best interest of their client. Our lawyers will look after all aspects of your property transactions. Contact us for further information.

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